05 April 2010

The Joy of Gardening

Welcome to the Neighborhood News!

It is spring, and everything seems to be turning green. All we talk about is going outside and doing things outdoors, working in the garden, getting out of the house.

Barbara Salsbury, in her talk “Mary, Mary Not at all Contrary, Where Will Your Garden Grow?” gives us a few ideas on what to do with our time once we make it outside. There are so many different ways of planning our outdoor gardening experiences, and Barbara has thought of a few of them. Enjoy her article and ideas.

From the University of Illinois we get their take of what to plant and when to plant. This article is extensive and very informative. You’ll be pumped and ready to go out and start digging and planting after reading today’s newsletter.

Jill Valente contributed her “Spring Pasta Toss Recipe” to BellaOnline. It’s easy to make, and she says “is one of those dishes that taste better the next day so it’s perfect for leftovers!”

To view a copy of Monday, 5 April's Neighborhood News, click here.

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