21 April 2010

Personal Touch

Welcome to the Neighborhood News!

Today’s Personal Touch interview by Rebecca Cressman brings to us Tiffany Berg Painter, who is co-founder of the Heart 2 Home Foundation. They have raised more than 2 Million Dollars to provide home makeovers for needy Utah families and have received national attention from Oprah Winfrey and People Magazine. On Friday, April 23rd, the latest family to be helped by Heart 2 Home will arrive in Orem, Utah, to find a brand new home built in just 10 days by community donations, love, and determination. Listen to this uplifting interview.

Our regular contributor Marie Ricks from “House of Order” comes to us with an intriguing proposition. She says: “"I suffer from DRD. Yes, I know that there are many other significant and challenging disorders out there that require medical attention -- mine just comes with being alive. I call it: Delayed Response Disorder." Now, tell me something: does it really exist? What do you think? Please post your answers.

From Sister Bonnie D. Parkin, former Relief Society General President, we receive instruction in her talk “Choosing Charity: That Good Part”. She mentions those two good sisters from the New Testament: Martha and Mary, and that one particular time when the Savior was teaching at their home.

We have Tasha from Creation Corner as a guest. She has a great blog featuring mostly crafts. The one we’re featuring caught our eye because instead of just reading about a family's struggle, she decided to do something to help. And isn’t that what being a Christian is all about?

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