19 April 2010


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Today's topic is about Shepherds. Whether we’re talking about “The Good Shepherd”, or sheep, or just plain pies, we’re going to be edified and fed at the same time.

Our contributor Lisa Asanuma brings to us her thoughts on our Savior and Shepherd Jesus Christ, and she brings up a very interesting point: “The fact is, true followers of Christ aren’t sheep, but as the song (Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd) says, “true under-shepherds.” It’s not so much about leading and following, as it is pulling each other upward.”

Kerry Blair, from “Six LDS Writers and a Frog” blogs about an experience she had as a speaker. Sometimes forgetting all that we’ve had prepared for our talk could be a different story altogether. She says: “Clearly, I had everything I needed to inspire and dazzle—except my scriptures and the carefully-prepared talk I had zipped inside the scripture case. Those I left behind on my dressing table.”

Elise from “Simply Recipes” contributed this recipe to the website. For the longest time I thought Shepherd’s Pie was made with hamburger beef. Well, she has a very good recipe featuring beef, but tells us that the original uses lamb. Who knew!

To view a copy of Friday, 16 April's Neighborhood News, click here.

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