28 April 2010

Personal Touch

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In today’s Personal Touch interview, Rebecca Cressman touches bases with Mike Bell, who is passionate about mobilizing and motivating churches and groups to step into the lives of their global neighbors to experience Christian love in its fullness. He has traveled throughout the world doing exactly that as the National Director for Hungry For Life U.S., a global relief and development organization. For ten years prior he served as an associate Pastor at South Mountain Community Church in Draper, Utah. He is now leading a small group from that church to Kupenda, Kenya where for 11 days the group will partner with a Christian Kenyan charity called “Kupenda for the Children” and build a school dormitory for several dozen disabled boys. Kupenda, fittingly, means “to love” in the Kiswahili language.

Secrets have a way of getting out. Sometimes it’s an innocent mistake, a slip of the tongue, someone gets suspicious, and the cat is out of the bag. Just watch the news and see all these celebrities getting red in their faces, because someone let it slip that they were being ‘naughty’.

We have a special guest today, someone who had a trial of her faith in her life, someone who decided to come forth and share with us this very painful personal experience. Because of the kind of information she’s giving: dealing with pornography, the effects of it in her life, its consequences, and to protect members of her family, she decided to do it anonymously. We hope that this sharing will be accepted as a valuable information and a means to grow spiritually by reading from somebody else’s experience. How do you cope with something like this? How do you pick up the pieces and keep going? If you’d like to leave a comment, please do.

Our next article comes from Sare, a contributor to “Feminist Mormon Housewives” who shares with us her own heart wrenching experience dealing with pornography, and the consequences that come from following in that self-destructing road.

The last article was written by Rory C. Reid, and posted at LDS.org. He says that “success is possible. As a psychotherapist counseling numerous clients struggling to overcome a pornography habit, I have observed several common denominators among those who have successfully abandoned pornography.”

Here at yourLDSneighborhood.com we are going to bring to the forefront all those issues that we may not be talking much about. As Denise Rust said “we think it is incredibly important to address difficult topics that we all deal with, although we often keep those parts of our lives hidden.” With that in mind, we hope that this issue of the newsletter will be able to help someone in need. Please pass it along, talk about it, bring it up. We never know who may be edified, or helped with a heavy load, or shown the road to recovery.

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  1. It is interesting to think that, as Mike Bell says, "spiritual poverty is directly connected to physical poverty." I think we each can make such a difference as individuals if we just make an effort. If each individual contributed time or talents there may be no physical poverty, which would open the way for spiritual abundance!


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