24 May 2010

Personal Touch

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Greetings, Princes and Princesses.

Today’s newsletter is very inspiring. We’re talking about princesses, and frogs. To the female readers: have you ever wondered about finding your prince? To the male reader: have you ever wondered if you were the right kind of prince for a certain lady?

Let’s get started: in today’s Personal Touch, Rebecca Cressman interviews Ronald Hatfield, who has created a world of Princesses with character. Before Ronald Hatfield created the popular Princess Festival and invented a land little girls called “Hatfieldadelphia”, he was a long-time entrepreneur and businessman. He holds B.S. degrees from Brigham Young University in Youth Leadership and Business Management and earned an MBA degree from Utah State University. He has also been a strong supporter and active volunteer in district leadership in the Boy Scouts of America during the past 30 years. Ronald and his wife, Maurine, are the parents of eight children and the grandparents of 44 children. Together they co-founded the non-profit organization, In Our Own Quiet Way in 2002, and in 2008 its primary fund raising event, the Utah Princess Festival.

Our contributor Lisa Asanuma, from Lisa’s Latter-day Thoughts, sent “Fairy Tale Life”. In it, she wanders about having to work to be able to find her future ‘prince.’ She realizes that: “…people (or characters) need to go through some kind of trial to reach their “happily ever after,” and … our “once upon a time” is in fact right now.” It is a good talk, and she explains her point so well. It’s a delight to read.

Our next entry comes from Sister Patricia T. Holland. Don’t you miss her talks? This one is called “One Thing Needful”: Becoming Women of Greater Faith in Christ. She mentions a trip to the Holy Land, and the feelings she had at that time in her life. We should pay heed to her insights and counseling.

Our last entry comes from Julie Rowse, a contributor to Segullah.com. She’s pondering about her choices in life, and wonders about the fact that she’s still not married. Some of us have gone down that road. Some of us have married later in life. I remember thinking if I’d ever find the ‘right’ one, and listening to my mother telling me I needed a career to ensure my financial security later on.

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