30 June 2010

Get Organized

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

Hello friends. Our topic today is ORGANIZATION.

Our friend and contributor Marie Ricks, from "House of Order", brings to us her article "Help Your Kitchen Help You." The good thing about professional organizers is that because they've been at it for a while, they know what they're doing and they've already ironed out all the kinks of each activity. You and I will probably do a task in ten steps, while they can look at it and figure out how to do it faster and more efficiently. In this case, Marie's telling us how to organize our kitchen, and that we can take small and simple steps to achieve that goal.

Our next entry comes from Joy at "Just Organize Yourself." Her article is "Summer Chore Charts-Choose Your Weapon." She's using dailies, magnet chore boards, job jars, and more to keep her children 'motivated' during the summer months. Check out her approach, and see if they'll work for you and your family.

Our last article is a Family Home Evening lesson from "Family Home Evening in a Snap." Tracy contributed to this website, and the lesson focuses on how to teach children that we are happier if we keep our surroundings clean and organized.

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