16 June 2010

Parenting Your Parents

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At some point in our lives, we're all going to go through this: taking care of our aging parents. Marie Ricks, from 'House of Order" talks about it in her latest "When Children Become Parents of their Parents." She says: "Becoming the parents of your own parents is a sometimes stretching season in life. As an experienced parent of a parent, I have a few stories to tell and feelings to share."

Our next entry comes from "Family Reunion Helper." Did you know that you can do a theme about "Family History"? That is such a great idea, and a twist of the old 'flight 125' idea, where you get in a plane, crash and are visited by your ancestors. Great idea.

Our last entry is from Pam Nelson at "For the Love of Cooking." Sometimes we look for something simple and refreshing that will be useful at an activity, like a family reunion, or Relief Society meeting, or youth get together. This sandwich idea is perfect for those reasons and more.

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