14 June 2010

Personal Touch

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

Dear friends, I’m excited to write about today’s newsletter. It’s such a treat!

First off, we have the Personal Touch interview with Rebecca Cressman. She got in touch with Keith Hamilton & Tamu Smith who are in the cast of I Am Jane, a production that is remembering the life of black Mormon pioneer Jane Manning James. The Mormon Pioneer trek across America became a turning point in U.S. history, but not all of that history has been remembered nor celebrated. Keith Hamilton and Tamu Smith want to change that so that the inspiring lives of early black LDS pioneers are not forgotten. To bring these stories to life, Keith Hamilton and Tamu Smith have taken to the stage as actors in I Am Jane, the award-winning stage play written by Margaret Blair Young. I Am Jane celebrates the true story of Jane Manning James, a black LDS pioneer woman who survived the mobs at Nauvoo, the westward migration to the Salt Lake Valley and the societal prejudices of an unforgiving era with unyielding faith, courage, and tolerance. Actress Tamu Smith plays the role of Jane. Keith Hamilton plays the role of Jane’s husband and works behind the scenes too as the show’s executive producer. Historically accurate, the play explores the challenges Jane and other black Mormons faced within the LDS Church, especially during the settlement and establishment of what is now Utah.

Our first contributor is author Tristi Pinkston, who sent to us her article “Constant Prayer.” Have you ever needed to pray to Heavenly Father, in a continuous basis, without stopping? Well, that’s her story. When we are discouraged, or lonely or desperate for the Lord’s help, we know that we need to turn to Him. How about doing it when we are happy, or content, and share that joy with our Father? Please, read her inspiring story. Also, as a reminder, Tristi’s book “Secret Sisters” is now out in stores.

Our next entry comes from Sista Beehive, from “As Sistas in Zion.” She’s amazing, and I love how she tells us about praying at her home, and how she’s teaching her children. Her article is “It’s Not my Turn to Pray”, and boy, can I relate to that. At home it’s always, ‘not my turn’, or ‘I did it last’ and it never ends, so I’m glad for her words of inspiration.

Our last article comes from Shabang, who blogs at “The Journal of a Black Mormon Girl.” Oh my goodness, I like her honesty and willingness to express her feelings and share them with us. I also liked her story, referring to Jane Manning James, and how, as a young woman, she didn’t know the church had black pioneers in its history. I think it’s great that we can find our own roots at some point in our lives; we need them if we are to last the attacks of the adversary.

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