14 July 2010

Foxes and Lemons

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

In today’s newsletter, our topic is sin, and a little bit about lemons.

Our first entry comes from Lisa Asanuma, who blogs at ‘Lisa’s Latter-day Thoughts.’ Her thoughts direct us to think about sin, in an interesting way in her article “The Fox in Your Backyard.” She’s taking care of her parents’ home, and gets surprised by the presence of a fox in her backyard. From their encounter, she starts pondering about all the things in our lives that just ‘happen’ to show up and surprise us.

Next, we have Anicka, a contributor to ‘Mormon Mommy Blogs’, who has her own take on sin, and how it can creep into our lives. Her article is called “Someone Spiked the Lemonade”, and I guess grandmas can be funny sometimes. Anicka says: "One day I arrived at her house and found her sitting in her favorite chair drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade, with an already empty bottle next to her." It’s a good article, and it’ll make you think.

Our last entry comes from Elise Bauer at ‘Simply Recipes.’ She’s come up with a yummy delicious “Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade.” It’s an easy recipe, it looks great, and it’s perfect for these hot summer days.  You can prepare it for a family reunion, backyard barbecue, a pool party, or kid's party. Try it, and enjoy!
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