12 July 2010

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Today, we’re talking about adoption. I know that some of us have gone through one (my family included), and I know of the spiritual blessings that can come from receiving this temporal one.

In our Personal Touch with Rebecca Cressman segment, she interviews Tom and Stephanie Colligan. Tom and Stephanie write a blog, Tom, Stephanie and Krista, for expectant parents and anyone who wants to know how they feel about adoption. And, they share their adoption story with teens and adults in their community as board members of the West Valley Chapter of Families Supporting Adoption, a group sponsored by LDS Family Services that advocates on behalf of birth parents and adoptive families. They’ve been friends since the 7th grade. During the early years of their marriage they became frequent visitors to an infertility clinic before deciding that adoption was the best option for their family.

Our first article was written for us by Lauri Pendleton. She’s a dear friend, and decided to share her adoption experience with all of us. Lauri has three adopted children, and she tells us how she and her husband went about adopting a baby, how they connected with friends, and how they used resources available to all of us. She also has great advice: “If, during the process, the birth mother is asking for contact you do not feel comfortable with or would probably not follow through with, do not be afraid to voice your concern.”

Next, Michele H. Mirabile, a contributor to Segullah.com, shares her own experience with adoption in her article named “Full Circle.” Her point of view comes from the fact that she was the birthmother, and had to make the decision to give up her baby. Read through her heart wrenching account, especially when she says: “My bishop said: Adoption is a selfless act, one that will bless the lives of another family and allow you to go on with your own.

“My heart told me he was right, but I hated myself for being so gutless, so mortal. Though it eased my mind to ponder the joy my sacrifice would give others, I feared losing my child would rip a chasm in my soul that would never heal.”

Our last entry is from “LDS Blogs” and is entitled ‘Adoption: An Inspired Principle.’ Its author is Cindy B, and she mentions the Church’s position on adoption, as follows: “Children are entitled to be raised by parents who honor marital vows and who can provide love and support. Adoption can be a great blessing for many children who are born without this opportunity.” Having gone through the whole process, I can testify that this statement is true. We adopted our baby daughter ten years ago, and having met her birthmother, we know that our meeting was one of the tender mercies that the Lord grants unto us every once in a while.

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