30 July 2010

In the Mix of Things

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Another weekend is upon us, and with it, we have the good fortune of enjoying a fun story from Cindy Beck (or C. L. Beck). This one is called “The Allegory of the Chicken and the Pilates Class.” I have to say that it is another side-splitter, if you can believe that chickens can talk, that is. Cindy is a prolific author, her latest book is “Mormon Mishaps and Mischief” now in stores.

There are salads, and then there are good salads. In this article, Glenda from ‘The Little Red Hen Food Site”, presents the “Art City Trolley Salad Recipe”, and she extols the goodness of this dish by saying the following: “Do you want to eat a delicious, restaurant quality salad, yet be in the comfort of your own home?” The ingredients are all available at the market, and you’ll look great next time you need to take a salad to a church social or entertain friends.

If you’re running out of ideas to present a Family Home Evening lesson, check this one from ‘Families in Zion.’ It’s called “I Will Pour You Out a Blessing”, and it gives a great object opening activity to teach your children about tithing. You will all enjoy it, and your kids will understand the principle you’re teaching.

As usual, on Fridays Positive Music and Downloads offers Free Download Friday. Please enjoy the music of Friends, and their song "I Think of Him."

Have a great time this weekend, and go ahead and drop off a few words in the comments section, we'll certainly appreciate that.

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