28 July 2010

Summer in Utah

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

Have you ever had free time with your children, time you didn’t know how to spend, or where to spend it? Well, Jennifer Ricks has put together a list of ideas of activities to do in the month of August. Her article is entitled “Celebrate August!” I think it is such a great idea: you can put it in your calendar (either paper or phone), or give it to the grandparents, if they want ideas of what to do when grandchildren visit.

Another thing you can do is listen to the Tabernacle Choir. That’s what Jeff Lindsay did, and wrote about in his blog ‘Mormanity.’ His article is named “So Proud of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: 100 Years of Recording History.” Jeff says the following: “This was my first time attending any event in the Conference Center, and the first time in over 20 years seeing the Choir live.” I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to see the choir, but it’s a great activity to do in the summer, when there’s no snow to slow us down.

We can also do that which Mormons are somewhat famous for: prepare a Jell-O dish. Is yours the one with the carrots and marshmallows? Do you have a special recipe? John Newman from ‘Confessions of a Mormon Foodie’ says: “I realized the other day that it's been a long time since I talked about Jell-O . Many of you are, no doubt, wondering why. I mean, I'm a Utah Mormon. How can I not be sucking down tons of Jello?” He prepared a great recipe using the clear stuff, and he calls it “Ribbon Jell-O (Finally).” Doesn’t the picture look great?

We hope your summer is going great. Drop us a comment, we'll certainly appreciate it.

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