21 July 2010

It's All in the Details

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

Our first article comes from Marie Ricks, who blogs at ‘House of Order’, her article is “Clutter Control for Living Areas of Your Home.” Marie is an organizer, and she’s come up with a plan to keep your house clean and presentable, no matter what time of year. She tells us: “Most of us wish our home was more inviting to extended family and friends. You want to be ready at a moment’s notice to say, “Come right on in. I’m so glad you’re here.” You want to really mean it because you know your home’s public areas are presentable and cleaned up, with less clutter and more order, especially for those that knock at our door unexpectedly.” So she breaks it down into assessing your place, and deciding what rooms are important to get extra attention: porch, living room, family room and powder room.

Following, we have Joy, from ‘Just Organize Yourself.’ Her article is named “Simplify Summer Meal Planning”; in it, Joy makes her case explaining that if we spend time planning meals before we go shopping, the end result (any meal) will be easy to prepare and very enjoyable for everyone involved. I have a personal experience here: we’ve been doing this for years, and it really works: I know how many people I’m cooking for and I know the proportions. We make menus before we go to the market and write down the ingredients in our handy dandy list, then away we go; and when I need to prepare a meal I check our calendar that we keep in the kitchen, and voila! it’s there as a reminder for me, or anyone who’s hungry and ready to prepare dinner.

Location, location, location. That’s what they say about selling real estate, right? What if we apply the same principle when we’re scouting a place for our family reunion. That’s the premise that Mr. Spiffy, from ‘Family Reunion’ brings to us. The article is entitled “Mister Spiffy Picks a Location”, and he says: “Choosing the right location could be rated up there as one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the planning of this family reunion. You can choose a location, if you wish, once you know what type of reunion you want, the desired dates, and have a fundamental idea how many people will be attending.” I think it would be a different location depending on the kind of company you’re getting; for example, if it’s only adults, the place would be different than if you had young families getting together.

How’s your summer going? Have you had enough time in the sun? Have you gotten together with loved ones? If you have time, leave us a comment, it will be appreciated. Thank you. :o)

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