19 July 2010

Personal Touch

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

In our Personal Touch with Rebecca Cressman segment, she interviews Sheralyn
Pratt. Sheralyn Pratt graduated from the University of Utah in Communications. She's best known for creating the private investigator book series featuring the young, fearless, and slightly impulsive California character, Rhea Jensen. Sheralyn has published 3 novels, 1 e-book, and even produced 2 screenplays. She also enjoys adventures. She served a mission for the LDS Church in Budapest, Hungary, and enjoys traveling and living in new places (Maui is her favorite so far). When she isn't writing, she enjoys hiking with her dog and learning new skills. She has been a karate instructor, a musical theater performer, and is currently a publicist. Visit her at http://www.sheralynpratt.com/, to learn more about her books.

Our first article comes from Russ Beck, who blogs at ‘On the Couch… by Russ Beck.’ His article is aptly named “Five Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage”; in it, he says: “What …is a couple to do living in a world where divorce is becoming so widely accepted? How are they to find joy and happiness?” We should listen (or read) Russ’ counsel, since he is a licensed, professional counselor with a Master's degree from the University of Wyoming, and has been doing family counseling for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for ten years.

Next, we have Paul, who blogs at ‘A Latter-day Voice.’ His article is “Working Celestial Marriage” and it’s a smart, well put together piece. He opines: “Mormons talk about "saving ordinances," meaning ordinances that we believe are required to return to our Father in Heaven's presence. The final of these is the sealing ordinance in which a man and woman can be sealed together in the temple for time and all eternity. … It seems that the sealing ordinance is just the start, just as baptism is the gate by which we enter a path back to God. Said another way: a temple wedding does not by itself a celestial marriage make.” How many of us really, truly think that we’ve made it to the Celestial kingdom just because we married in the temple? Food for thought.

Last, we have this article from Carolyn who blogs at ‘Fruit of the Carolyn.’ Her article is “Taillights and Falling in Love”, and it’s a sweet, loving tribute to a husband. How many people out there would just come out and say “I still love my spouse”? Carolyn is following her husband on their drive home, and she says: “I followed. I let my mind wander as I fixed my gaze on his taillights and followed him all the way home.
"It hit me like a wave of warm water, familiar and joyful. How following someone you love unconditionally can bring peace, rest, and quiet revelation.”

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