25 August 2010

Healthier You

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To have the energy to accomplish anything during our busy lives, we need to eat the right foods, keep our bodies in top shape and be smart about the choices we make with respect to our health. After all, we only have one body, and we need to take care of it. Giving us some counsel about what to eat and when, we have Brooke Parker. She’s a Registered Dietitian working for Utah State University, and specializes in Eating Disordered patients and loves helping her clients enjoy food again. Brooke also blogs at ‘Love Your Body,’ and wrote her article “Eating for Grades.” In it, she tells us : “Energy is based on sleep patterns and maintaining an active lifestyle. Proper nutrition cannot cover for a chronically sleep deprived individual.” And she gives us six steps to follow that are basic concepts to simplify the school nutrition obstacle for you and your children.

What drives you? Is it family, cooking, scrapbooking, running a marathon, riding a bike? Our next contributor is Stacy Summers. She blogs at ‘Spoonfulliving,’ and she wrote her article named “Sing Along the Way!” She mentions a bike ride she did in Sparta, where she found three tunnels she had to go through. She says that there was no way around, just through, and that to pass the time she did this. Read and find out.

Right now it’s time for canning or freezing those vegetables that you spent all summer weeding and watering (or just bought from the grocer). Susan from ‘Provident Mommy,’ wrote this article “Pickling Cucumbers!” She tells us where she got the cucumbers, and what to get to pickle them. I like the recipe, and am going to try it. It seems simple enough.

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