04 August 2010

Kids Welcome

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Ahhh, summer! Isn’t it great to be able to stay home and take care of the kids? And have their friends come over and play, any time? Even if it sounds like a dream, and we’d like it to be true, some of us may have that happen to us, on a daily basis. What if we have to ‘entertain’ the neighborhood kids most of the time, and have to spend extra to feed them when it’s lunch time? A reader asked a similar question to Marie Ricks, who blogs at ‘House of Order’, and she decided to write her article “Feeding the Neighborhood.” In it, she ascertains: “The best way to rein in a situation that has grown out of control is to immediately set parameters that best meet your needs. There are several creative ways to feel more in control and still enjoy the company of youngsters in your home during mealtime.” I like it that she always has her mind set on one thing alone: order. We should listen to what she says, since it makes total sense.

By the way, if you are entertaining the kids in the neighborhood, and are looking for easy meals to prepare for the troop, look at this article from ‘Food with Kid Appeal’ written by Jenna, a self-proclaimed picky eater. The article is called “Sugar Free Lunch for Kids- Cottage Cheese and Pears,” and it’s such an easy thing to do. By the way, you can always spot the reduced price article or sale at the market and stock up your pantry for special occasions.

One more thing you can do if you have extra company is check out the games posted by Aunt Mo at ‘Family Reunion Helper.’ In this article “Best Ever Relay Race Games”, she comments: “Relay races have been a part of our family reunions since the 1960’s. We did traditional relays like the 3-legged race and others. Those races are fun but I wanted to share some relay races that aren’t so traditional.” So use them to plan your next family reunion or with your little company, and then send them home, tired and ready for bed. :o)

We hope your summer is going great. Drop us a comment, we'll certainly appreciate it.

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