06 August 2010


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Summer is running away from us so quickly. We can still savor it, but it tastes like a ripe fruit. We can still enjoy it, but we know it’s past its prime.

Marion Stewart blogs at ‘Marion’s Melodies’, and she has written her article “Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime.” In it, she reflects on past times with her children, and how much she enjoyed having them at home during the summer. Except for one little detail she couldn’t avoid, one night a week: the ice cream truck. She finally came up with an idea of how to deal with the pesky guy, and you can read about it in her story. I just came across another blog a few days ago (I read a lot of blogs—it’s my job), and someone was commenting that she’d told her children that when they heard the song it was because they were out of ice cream. How funny! I remember running after the guy myself when I was a kid –I grew up in Argentina, however, there are things that seem to transcend all cultures. In my case, it was flavored popsicles (they tasted like frozen Kool Aid). I have nothing against the kids having a treat, as long as they pay with their own money. Finances, however is not part of this blog today. :o)

I found this cute blog ‘Family Chic’, and its contributor, Camilla, came up with this great idea using cupcake liners. The article is named “Cupcake Lights are Sweet.” The idea has spread, I believe, because I’ve seen it in different areas on the internet. All you need is those cute liners you can find at Ikea, they’re colorful and inexpensive. Some people were concerned about safety-you know, lights can get hot. Then someone else contributed the idea of LED lights. So there you have it, inexpensive, practical and safe, all in one easy-to-make craft. Decorate your backyard for your next barbecue and enjoy all the comments. Be a trend setter!

As usual, we have a Friday Family Home Evening lesson idea. Have you had sometimes to remind your family that you’re supposed to love each other? And sometimes it’s not an easy task? Well, this lesson will motivate you and the kids to show appreciation for each other, and it’s a sweet lesson to have for just those difficult moments. Have fun with it, and let them know that we’re all God’s children.

As usual, on Fridays Positive Music and Downloads offers Free Download Friday. Please enjoy the music of Sam Riddle, and his song "Testify."

Have a great time this weekend, and go ahead and drop off a few words in the comments section, we'll certainly appreciate that.

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