16 August 2010

Personal Touch

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In our Personal Touch with Rebecca Cressman segment, she interviews David Osmond. He is the son of Alan Osmond and, as such, he has been performing his entire life, beginning as a young boy when he was lead singer for the popular octet Osmond Second Generation and continuing through young adulthood, lending his voice to numerous recording projects and on-stage appearances. He has been a favorite of local and national media, including a run on American Idol in 2009.David’s road has not always been easy. He was forced to put his music career on hold due to a difficult battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Despite his challenges, David often recounts great miracles in his life. David’s new album, Road Less Traveled, speaks of his personal journey of faith in overcoming adversity.

If you’re a Mormon and single, you have probably heard all the jokes and know what the General Authorities counsel you to do. Our contributor Lisa Asanuma, who blogs at ‘Lisa’s Latter-day Thoughts,’ wrote this article for us: “ECPs and Peter Pan Syndromes.” She’s talking about singles dating, or in reality, how difficult it is for singles to actually get to know each other when they don’t even spend enough time dating. She tells us: “I’ll just say it out straight. No one is dating these days. Or rather, no one is casually dating.” We’ve seen some young adults that love to remain the way they are; they love to enjoy their ‘singlehood.’ We see males that would rather spend an evening playing games, and the counterparts are the females that are waiting for these commit phobic guys to make any kind of move.

Do we believe that sometimes the hand of God is in some of our life experiences? Scott B., from ‘By Common Consent,’ mentions how he was living his life while single, as follows: “When I was single, I often would go to the temple in Logan and participate in sealings, despite not having a spouse to work with. (Generally speaking, this is a poor way of spending your evenings if you’re trying to find a spouse, since the median age of the people in the sealing rooms was probably about 106.)” At one of these sessions he was told about this thing that would be in his future. If you’re lucky enough to get that kind of blessing, do you heed it, or do you ignore it?

There are many people that suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, like David Osmond. We can find many experiences that are uplifting and out of the ordinary. One of them is the story posted on YouTube by ‘johnnydollar01,’ and it’s in reference to Janice Dean. Ms Dean works for the Fox network. Meteorologist Janice Dean talked about her condition on the Fox and Friends show. She was diagnosed in 2005. Since then, Janice Dean got married, pregnant, and had a baby. You can live with the disease if you put your mind to it, and make the choice to live your life to 'your' fullest.

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