29 September 2010

Cherish Now

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

 How do you remember Conference weekends from your childhood (if you are LDS)? Were they inspiring, or forgettable? Marie Ricks from House of Order has written her story “They Made a Big Deal of It.” She remembers her growing up in a big family, and how wonderful it was to get ready for Conference, and how her mom prepared a special dinner for the occasion.

 Sometimes we have great articles sent to us, but the author chooses to remain anonymous. That’s the case for the following article entitled “My White Temple Bag.” It is a very personal account of an experience lived by the narrator. We should all be so blessed to be asked like this every once in a while.

 Isn’t trying to be like Jesus a goal that most of us should have? In this article “Sitting Down in Heaven Together,” written by Alison P. for LDS blogs, she talks about Lucy Mack Smith, and her desire to “cherish one another, watch over one another, and comfort one another… that we may all sit down in heaven together.” It feels a lot like something a Relief Society sister might say.

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