01 October 2010

Reach for New Heights

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  Whatever we do, things just come easy to us, right? Riiiight. In reality, some things that come easy to us are probably hard for someone else, and vice versa. Cami Checketts, from Fitness for Moms, wrote her article “Starting Over.” She mentions coming back from having a baby and how hard it is to start exercising again. She says: “When you're out of shape and/or recovering from injury or pregnancy this exercise-induced hurt is a miserable, I want to sit down on the side of the road, have a good cry, then call my husband to come get me kind of hurt.” Cami is a published author; her latest book is The Sister Pact, now in bookstores.

 The gals at Bakerella just surpassed themselves. They’ve posted this tutorial where they explain in great detail how to make “Hi Hat Cupcakes.” They took amazing pictures, and the instructions are very easy. You should try it for your next bake sale at your kids’ school.

 At Families in Zion, they have this lesson “Blessings beyond Price.” It instills in you and your family the desire to visit the temple together, and it helps family members better understand the importance of temples and the wonderful gifts the Lord has waiting for us in them.

As usual, on Fridays Positive Music and Downloads offers Free Download Friday. To enjoy this week's download, please click here.

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