24 September 2010

Fun Weekend Ideas

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

 Even though the calendar says Autumn just started, the temperatures are high enough that it still feels like summer. But in any case, welcome Fall!

 Cindy Beck brings to us her article “Words of Wisdom from Miss Knows-Nothing.” This lady is a guest of hers, but Cindy decided to add a disclaimer: “Although it is not my normal inclination to enter arenas of sensitive, public opinion, today I have a guest who has no problems speaking her mind on any subject and rarely often utters great words of wisdom.” One of Cindy’s blogs is Write Up My Alley; her latest book is Mormon Mishaps & Mischief, now in bookstores.

 Courtney is a contributor at Red Heads Craft More Fun, and she’s come up with a cool idea on how to use a piece of canvas in her article “Sparrow Canvas.” You do have to apply paint, but don’t worry, that’s all the paint you will have to handle. The pictures are great, and the instructions excellent.

 From Family Home Evening Planner, we have “Lehi’s Dream.” Their instructions are: “Gather the family around the kitchen table for this activity. Come prepared with pencils, markers, crayons, stickers etc. You will also need a large poster board or piece of butcher paper and the scriptures.” It’s fun to get together and do an activity as a family.

As usual, on Fridays Positive Music and Downloads offers Free Download Friday. To enjoy this week's download, please click here.

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