22 September 2010

School Days

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

It’s only been a few weeks since school started, and Lisa Asanuma has written “Back to School, Back to Basics” for us. She’s commenting on how difficult it is getting back to school, especially if you have two jobs and still try to have a social life and get together with your friends. Single college students have a lot on their plates (what about the married ones?), so it’s easy to lose track of some things that should be in the forefront, but somehow manage to get in the back burner. Lisa blogs at Lisa’s Latter-day Thoughts.

From By Common Consent, we have contributor Tracy M.’s article “School’s Out/Back to School.” Her experience is a bit different, since she mentions that she’s been married, had children and a nice home, and now she has to go back to school. The reason? Divorce. She says: “Divorce changes everything.” How many people (women, mainly) have given up their education to dedicate their lives to their families, to find themselves in this situation, where they have to make more sacrifices, finish school and go out and find a job. It’s hard, however, there are a lot of moms that just do it.

At Pick Your Own, they know how to make good things happen. For example, we found their “How to Make Salsa” tutorial. They have great pictures, detailed explanations, and a list of supplies that you’ll need to make your own salsa. I used their recipe, and it’s very easy to do. Do it with your family, as they suggested, and your family will always remember the experience.

To view a copy of the Neighborhood News for Wednesday, 22 September, please click here.

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