10 September 2010

Learn Much

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

After a couple of weeks of leaving us in suspense, we get the last entry in Cindy Beck’s article “At the Car Wash, Part 2.” Remember she went to the car wash with her husband, and tried to use the vacuum that didn’t work, and then they spotted her optometrist checking up on them. Cindy blogs at ‘Write Up my Alley,’ and her latest book is Mormon Mishaps and Mischief.

From ‘Kneading ANY Inspiration?’ we get contributor Sharon Anne Hill’s great idea “No Fuss Focaccia (KA Flour Video)” It is such an easy bread to make. I have a recipe to make it in my breadmaker, and I used to make it all the time, then split it in half and make sandwiches. An easy summer treat. You can use it to go with a soup, or salad, and invite the girls for a light lunch and visit.

Just in case the kids are already complaining about school, use this Family Home evening lesson from Families in Zion to remind them that it’s important to get a good education, and that some day they will need it to get ahead in life. Also, any knowledge we learn in this life will continue with us in the life ahead.

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