03 September 2010

Train Your Body

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Remember the beginning of the year, when we wrote down resolutions, and decided it was time to lose a few pounds? That’s my favorite, every year. There are a lot of opinions on how to go about losing weight. Some of them actually involve using weights. Cami Checketts is a wife, mother, exercise scientist, and author. She blogs at ‘Fitness For Mom.’ Her article is named “Weight Lifting Anyone?” In it, she talks about what some of us women don’t want to do: weightlifting. She tells us: “If you aren't lifting weights you are missing out. Strength training is the most effective way to lose weight, change your shape, and increase daily stamina.”

Keeping with the same topic, we found this article at ‘Trainer Momma.’ Its contributor is Mandi Reading, and she wrote “Have You Tried This? Body Pump.” She’s really into weight lifting, and she encourages everybody to do it. Her message is this: “I am a huge cheerleader of weight lifting. Old, young, athlete and couch potato alike all need to be lifting weights.” I’ve tried it myself, but I won’t go past 5 lbs. weights. I’m trying very hard not to be a couch potato, and I lift weights when I remember. I guess consistency would give me a better pay off. :o)

We can try to keep our bodies healthy, but I think we need to go beyond that and enrich our spiritual lives too. Our brother Jesus Christ was called the Bread of Life, and shouldn’t we want to partake of His goodness? From ‘LDS Family Fun,’ we have a Family Home Evening lesson that will help your family learn ways to nourish their spirits. There’s also a barley loaf recipe which will nourish your bodies as well.

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