01 September 2010

Nourishing Our Youth

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Do you know someone close to you who’s been ‘drifting’? In this article from Marie Ricks, "Nourish It This Long Time," she uses this word to mention someone she knows closely. It’s an interesting word, it means ‘to vary or deviate from a set course or adjustment’ (4th definition in the Merriam Webster online dictionary). Are we focused on our goals or do we get distracted by many things, lose track and drift away? Marie says: “a drift can turn into a long drive and eventually a vacation from the Lord and His church.” There are times when we don’t realize we (or someone we know) are taking a long drive or a vacation from the Lord, but we can tell. It starts easily by not saying our prayers, then we stop reading our scriptures and going to church. Ultimately, we need to have hope that we will prevail. I remember something President Hinckley used to say all the time ‘everything will turn out good in the end.’ Marie blogs at ‘House of Order.’ She’s also a nationally recognized author, TV/radio guest, and motivational speaker.

From [A] Musing Mother, we found her article “Sunflowers and Perfection.” She muses about her sunflowers and how easy it was to plant them and get them to grow without much work. Then she moves on to talk about her kids, as follows: “So that started me thinking about how kids turn out. If I hover over them and try to control every little thing they do, will it really do any good?” So, what are your thoughts on the matter? Any comments will be appreciated.

Have you seen those neat Mormon Messages videos at LDS.org? Well, the latest one is called “Parenting: Touching the Hearts of Our Youth.” Elder Hales is featured in this video, and he mentions a time when his grandson approached him and started talking away like kids do. At some point, the kid realized grandpa was too involved with the newspaper, so he got close to his face and said: “Grandpa, are you in there?” His message is good, focusing on the family and that we should be there for our children.

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