13 October 2010

Fruitful Parables

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Definition of PARABLE:
specifically : a usually short fictitious story that illustrates a moral attitude or a religious principle

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen, author of Trapped, blogs at the website of the same name. Ronda wrote her article “The Parable of the Strawberry,” and mentions life in a farm. She talks of hay, farm animals and strawberries, and shares with us her insights on something seemingly as simple as goats and strawberries. It’s a good story, take time to read it.

At Segullah, contributor Catherine A. wrote her article “Parable of the Grape Tree.” She tells us how her children found the ‘grape tree’ in their backyard, and then she ponders about the things that we neglect in our hurry to get on with our busy lives. Do we do things the same way? Do we neglect the important things to take care of the immediate?

Mormon Foodie John Newman shares with us a recipe his mom used to make: “No-Cook Peach Pie.” It’s very easy to make, just follow the instructions. Enjoy it with family or friends, or make it for a new neighbor.

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  1. Excellent blog articles today! I especially enjoyed the one by Ronda Hinrichsen, but they were all great. And I'll have to try the peach pie recipe! :)


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