15 October 2010

Good Idea Friday

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

 From Cindy Beck we get a funny article “The Writing Assignment Gone Awry.” It starts out good, then she makes the mistake of leaving the house without wearing glasses and everything just goes completely wrong. You just have to read it. Cindy is a published author who blogs at Write up My Alley.

 At Lemon Squeezy Home, guest blogger Katy visits with her tutorial to make “The No-Hands Stay Open Candy Corn Trick-or-treat Bag.” Nifty title, huh? In any case, you have to see the pictures and the detailed instructions, this woman is a genius.


At Sugardoodle, contributor Melanie sent this lesson. All you have to do is collect the items listed and then prepare it for an emergency Family Home Evening, Super Saturday, Craft Project Idea, for Primary Teachers that may have a little time left over after a lesson, or as a way to determine where you read the scriptures as a family each day....or even a gift for Christmas!

As usual, on Fridays Positive Music and Downloads offers Free Download Friday.

Have a great time this weekend. Please send us a few words in the comments section; we'll love to hear from you.

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