04 October 2010

Personal Touch

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In our Personal Touch with Rebecca Cressman segment, she interviews the group Jericho Road. Jericho Road is the musical group and journey of four men. Having met at BYU in the performing group the Young Ambassadors, the guys (Abe from St. Louis, Missouri; Dave from Sandy, Utah; Justin from Parma, Idaho; and Bret from Knoxville, Tennessee) developed close friendships and combined their talents to form Jericho Road. They produced album after album of upbeat and uplifting songs touring across the U.S. and around the world selling hundreds of thousands of recordings. After a break of several years Jericho Road is back, debuting its first-ever hymn album, Day of Rest. The songs demonstrate the groups more reverent side and the album reflects the group's desire to celebrate the messages of faith found in all gospel songs throughout history, from old spirituals to favorite modern-day hymns.

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen wrote “Celebrating Faith through Music,” and she tells us the following: “With General Conference, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just around the corner, we can’t help but rejoice. And that rejoicing is only increased when we add music to our celebrations.” Music is so special; it makes us feel good and wonderful, it can bring us out of dark places and into the light. We hope you had a great time watching conference and listening to the music that the choirs brought with them. Ronda blogs at RondaGibbHinrichsen.com, she’s a published author, her latest book is Trapped, now in stores.

 From LDS Blogs, we have “Music as a Form of Worship,” written by Alison P. She mentions how much love President Kimball had for music, and how he felt when he lost his voice due to throat cancer. She quotes: "'It is sad to me to see in the congregations many people standing silent when they could be singing their hearts out. I wonder constantly if they would sing happily today if for twelve years they could only move their lips through thousands of songs and could make no sound? I wonder if the silent ones can even imagine what it is like to be unable to join fellow singers in praise to their Lord in music?' Spencer W. Kimball."

 From the Ensign, in July of 2001, we have “The Power of Hymns,” by elder Merrill J. Bateman. His talk is about the power of music, and especially music expressed as songs to the Lord. In his words: “I appreciate listening to a great orchestra playing Beethoven, Mozart, or Tchaikovsky, but the classical experience is different than listening to one of my favorite hymns. Whatever it is, most hymns touch my inner being, and I cherish the sacred feelings that accompany Church music.”

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