25 October 2010

Personal Touch

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In our Personal Touch with Rebecca Cressman segment, she interviews Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller who loves stories of all kinds. Whether he's spooking campers around a fire, spinning a yarn of the high seas, telling a tale of magic or mayhem, or expounding on a story of self discovery, he's always expressing his passion for the oldest of all entertainments- the story. Daniel shares this passion around the region at festivals, schools, resorts, libraries, private residences, and more. Using only voice and gesture, Daniel draws upon his training in theatre at Utah State University to captivate the imagination. Daniel lives in the beautiful Bear Lake Valley where he enjoys telling stories to his wife and two children, who are his biggest fans. If you are interested, visit his website at http://www.danielbishopthestoryteller.com/fairytalesandfolklore.html

http://www.sxc.hu/  by Dani Simmonds
 Rachelle Christensen wrote her article “Halloween: Celebrating the Fun in This Holiday.” She tells us that she loves all the activities this time of year brings, not just the scary and spooky. In her words: “When I think of Halloween, the first images that come to my mind are not goblins, witches, and spooks. Instead I think of hayrides, frosted pumpkin cookies, and beautiful fall leaves.” She blogs at Rachelle’s Writing Spot.

 In the same line of thought, we have an article written by Jennie at Segullah, where she talks about all the candy you can get at Halloween time in her article C(12) H(22) O(11). There are different schools of thought (apparently) about how to handle all the candy that your children get. Some parents let them keep all that they get; others have a different approach.  I’ve heard a mom say that she lets her children eat all they can that night, and the rest she confiscates and throws away. At my house we go through all the candy they get, and I end up with what they don’t like, you know, the ‘bottom feeders of the candy world: Tootsie Rolls,’ in Jennie’s words.

Here’s a craft that you can make over and over, using the same concept for different holidays. It comes from The Idea Room, contributed by Amy. All you need is a glass brick, a picture printed on vellum, and a string of lights. However, if you had one of those digital cutting machines, you can cut a similar shape out of vinyl and stick it on the glass.

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