27 October 2010

Making Prudent Choices

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 Our guest contributor Russ Beck wrote his article “Overcoming Pornography.” He wrote a prior article on the subject entitled “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” and now he is trying to point out ways to overcome this vice. He comments: “Have you ever tried to lose weight? I know that when I decide to lose a few pounds, I immediately start to fixate upon food. The moment I decide to force my will and overcome eating, I find I can think of nothing else.” He compares this with the first stages of dealing with an addiction, and then he goes on to tell us how to overcome it. Russ blogs at On the Couch, he’s also a licensed, professional counselor with a Master's degree from the University of Wyoming.

 Do you have teens at home, and think that the cost of raising them is very high? Then read this article from 11th Heaven Homemaking Haven, where contributor Jen wrote her article “Teenagers and a Clothing Allowance.” She says: “I'd like to share one way I save money and teach valuable lessons when it comes to teenagers and clothing.” Who doesn’t want advice in this area?

 Have friends from another country, or living in another country? Learn how people in other countries do their gift giving. This article comes from Pocket Cultures and Arwa is the contributor. She says: “International gift giving can be a confusing and complex process. This gift etiquette guide can help you successfully navigate the art of gift giving.”  A must-read since the holiday gift-giving is almost upon us.

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