17 November 2010

Give Thanks

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I’m sure most people have good memories of the Thanksgiving holiday and how they spent it with family. Marie Ricks is no exception, and she shares with us her memories of “Thanksgiving at Aunt Carrie’s.” In this article, she pays homage to her favorite aunt, and credits her for her desire to become more organized later on in life. It’s a good side effect of family gatherings that we can have someone we are related to inspire us to be better. Marie blogs at House of Order and teaches organization principles in personal, professional, and community settings.

At About.com, Rachel Brunner posted her article “Eleven Ways to Show Thanksgiving to God.” We may feel the need to be grateful, but sometimes we should be reminded of how to do it right. She tells us: “One of the great commandments is to give thanksgiving to God for all He has done for us. Christ Himself was the perfect example of obeying this commandment.”

And from The Idea Room, contributor Amy posted this great idea to do with your family for Thanksgiving, a “Thankful Bucket.” Amy shares: “Each year my mom gives each of her children and their families a Thanksgiving Bucket. Then, after our Thanksgiving dinner, we take turns sharing what we have included in our buckets.” Imagine doing this with your kids, and how much more excited they would be about the holiday.

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