08 November 2010

Personal Touch

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

In our Personal Touch with Rebecca Cressman segment, she interviews Shaun Barrowes, who is an internationally acclaimed, award winning singer-songwriter who has toured the world, received major radio airplay, and written music for major video games and movies. He’s also an American Idol finalist who believes he and his band members have benefited tremendously from their own High School music and arts programs, so he envisioned a way to give back. Shaun Barrowes and his band members are traveling the country with the “Live For Music Tour”, performing at high schools, with school Choirs, Bands, and Dance teams to raise funds for local school music and arts programs.

 Annette Lyon, from Out of the Best Books, wrote this article called “Forgiveness and Gratitude.” She mentions a time in her life when it was hard for her to forgive. She tells us: “Grudges are painfully easy to hold onto and are hard to let go. A cloud descends, blocking out the spirit and making other things—like feeling genuine gratitude during the Thanksgiving season—almost impossible.” She then lets us know how she dealt with those feelings, and how she let go of them. A lesson for all of us.

 Laurie D. at LDS Blogs talks to teens in her article “Teens: Who Do You Think You Are?” In it, she alludes to a movie that led many teens to wonder about just that a while ago. She says: “I immediately appreciated the message this movie portrays, that we are so much more than our obvious talents make us out to be. If this weren’t truth I would never have tried out for Pep Club my junior year of high school, as my obvious talents lay in the fields of music and writing. Yet I made it and had a wonderful time.”

President Benson gave this talk “Following The Prophet - 14 Fundamentals by Ezra Taft Benson” at a BYU devotional on 26 February, 1980. Just recently, two General Authorities quoted from it. Maybe we should watch this video, and take notes.

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