05 November 2010


Welcome to the Neighborhood News

Our friend and contributor Cindy Beck wrote this story “The Halloween 5K,” to let us know about her competitive streak. She and her husband participated in a 5K run, and she comments: “Despite having almost killed myself by inhaling my gum in a previous 5K, in Mona, Utah, I’d stupidly bravely decided to try again this year. No, not to kill myself—to run another race.” Cindy blogs at Write Up My Alley; she’s also a published author, and her latest book is out in stores.

 Sarah, a contributor at Thrifty Décor Chick, posted this article and talks about “Out (Tiny!) Fall Porch.” Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the holidays inside and out of the house, but she seems to have it all together with her decorations. She tells us: “Fall and Christmas are my favorite seasons. It’s these times of year when I love our little porch, because it is so easy to make over for the holidays.”

From Family Home Evening in a Snap, we get this lesson entitled “Being Honest.” With it, we’re aiming to help family members believe in honesty. To do that, we first must be honest with ourselves. All you will need is a mirror.

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