23 February 2011

Home Therapy

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 Have you ever thought how it would be to live in a tent? Not just use one while ‘roughing’ it, but really use it all the time, because that’s all you have.

In these times, not many people do that anymore. After all, this is the 21st century and most people are used to living in buildings. There are, however, some individuals that still use tents. Even in our modern world, in this wonderful country of ours, some people don’t have a home. Have you seen the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show on TV, where they go and surprise families with the news they’re getting a new home? One of those families was living in a trailer and tents.

I’ve been reading David Wooley’s Promised Land books, and he is so good at explaining the culture of Nephi’s times. At some point, when the family leaves their ancestral home, escaping into the dessert, they pack a lot onto their camels. Their ‘tent’ was very spacious, with room enough (partitions) for all the members of the family. Even if they had to live in the dessert for a long time, they had all that they needed to make their father’s tent a home.

I remember reading about Rachel and Leah in the Old Testament, and that each one had her own tent. Of course, the children lived in their mother’s tent, and I’m sure that tent was home for them.

I know that even the humblest home or trailer has the minimum amenities needed for us to live somewhat comfortably. But are we making that place a home for our children? What are our priorities?

I think we should focus on what we’ve been taught for so many years:

1- Family prayer

2- Family Home Evening

3- Family scripture study

No matter where we live or our circumstances, where we call home should be a place of refuge for our loved ones. Somewhere our children want to rush to and feel protected, loved and at peace.

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