04 March 2011


Welcome to the Neighborhood News

I liked this so much I thought I’d share it here with all of you. Justine, at Segullah posted it. It's cute:


-I comes into the bedroom crying.

-I: “-J hit me!”

Justine: “Why’d she hit you?”

-I: “Just because I wouldn’t answer her question! I wouldn’t answer her so she whacked me! It’s not fair! She needs a punishment, right?”

Justine: “So, what’s -J going to say if we ask her?”

-I: “I don’t know. I just wouldn’t answer her mean, nasty question, so she hit me!”

Justine: “What did -J ask you?”

Long pause.

Justine: “-I, what did -J ask you?”

-I: “Well, she asked me why I spit at her.”

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