07 March 2011

Personal Touch

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In today's Personal Touch interview Rebecca Cressman chats with Kari and Tim. Kari Calton and Tim Nelson both believe that movies are powerful opportunities for families to connect and communicate. So, they’ve created an on-line site and on-line Movie Sorter tool where families can search for movies that will entertain, teach, explore, address, and reinforce specific values, challenges, and life lessons. Their vision is to produce and to release entertaining films that will not only strengthen families but will strengthen the common values inside all societies. Kari is the owner of Stepping Stones Entertainment, a start-up Utah online business that is “completely, entirely, absolutely dedicated to promoting movies that you could watch with anyone, anywhere, anytime” She is also a stay-at-home mom of twins. Tim Nelson is on the board of Stepping Stones Entertainment and has spent more than three decades in the film industry as film editor, sound editor, producer, director, and writer with many awards both in the commercial and theatrical motion picture arena. Stepping Stones Entertainment is made up of people from different faiths, backgrounds, and nationalities and are not affiliated with any specific religious or political organization who believe in using the power of movies to influence families for good everywhere.
Web: http://www.steppingstones.com/

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Here's a video from President Monson to the Youth of the church. He's talking about the theme for 2011.

I think it's wonderful that we can say today that we have a Prophet who speaks to us, and that he has a message for our children. We can sit down with our families and watch President Monson, or listen to conference reports on our radios, cd players or smartphones. What a glorious time to choose to do what's right! Why do we waste time rationalizing, moralizing or excusing our choices, when it's so much easier to choose to follow the Lord our God?

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