06 May 2011

Unearthing Treasures

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We have been counseled to grow gardens by one of our prophets. Life started in the garden of Eden. Jesus shed blood through His pores in the garden of Gethsemane. Gardens appear to be important.

In the April 1978 Ensign, Richard M. Romney published his article ‘Grow YourOwn Soup.’ In it he says:
"In a Bohemian folk tale, a vagrant soldier surprises an entire town when he plunks two polished rocks into a caldron and says he’s going to make “stone soup.” The curious villagers are eager to have a taste, so they gladly bring a few carrots, onions, turnips, and other vegetables to spice up the broth, and everyone ends up with a good meal, even the soldier.
Church members, heeding President Spencer W. Kimball’s call to plant gardens, won’t likely be contributing their vegetables to someone’s stone soup. But they may, in cultivating their gardens, discover a delightful secret—they can grow many of the ingredients of a hearty soup, including spices, right in their own backyards." 
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