29 June 2011

Get It Done

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In May 2011 Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve visited Mexico. We'd like to share an excerpt of his teachings:
"Elder Oaks told the youth a story of two men who bought a truck, built a vegetable stand, and drove to the field on the other side of town to get a load of melons. They paid the farmer one dollar per melon. After driving back, they put the melons in their stand and sold them for one dollar each. The actions were repeated and on the third time, one partner said, 'We are not making much money. Should we buy a bigger truck?'
"The partners did not know that the melons were worth more in the stand than in the field, Elder Oaks pointed out. In the same way, youth need to decide the true value they place on the gospel, and measure their actions accordingly.
"He said all of God’s children are asked to develop holy habits such as prayer, scripture study, taking the sacrament, and serving in callings. And though all should establish such holy habits, what are called righteous routines may be different from person to person. The youth were asked to determine for themselves righteous routines that would protect them from temptations they know they have. He blessed them to have a clear vision and the strength to do what is right."
We are blessed to live in these times, when we can receive the visit of one appointed by the Lord to guide us. Let's help one another and strenghten the Church.

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