01 July 2011

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Book Donations for CAPSA and CFSC

When my boys are having a hard day I read them a funny book. When I'm feeling depressed I reach for a favorite novel. When we just need a break from reality we turn to books.

What if you were experiencing the toughest time of your life? Would you want to escape into a fantastic suspense or intriguing paranormal novel? Would you want to hold your child on your lap and laugh, cry, or teach them with a book?

CAPSA (Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency) and CFSC (Child and Family Support Center) help families through nightmarish experiences the rest of can't even imagine or understand.

The other night I sat thinking about the amazing people who run these agencies and wondering how I could help more. The families always need the basics: food, shelter, clothing, money. I know we all try to donate when we can. But it hit me that it would be very nice to provide these mothers, fathers, and children with books. Books might not be necessary for survival but they can comfort, teach, entertain, inspire, and bond.

How can you help?

Donate new or gently used books (they would appreciate children's, middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction and nonfiction) to one of these fabulous organizations or to your local family support or crisis center. If you want to donate to CFSC or CAPSA, email me camichecketts@yahoo.com. I can take the books in for you or give you the contact info you need.
Whether you donate to CFSC, CAPSA, or your local organization, post a comment on this blog and let us know how many books you donated. I'll add the number to the counter on the right.

Please help spread the word and share the number of donated books. I can't wait to see that number grow.

Thanks for caring about the children,

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