15 July 2011

Music to My Ears

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We all have that special song that's touched our hearts. There are the beautiful songs from Broadway plays, or a particular band that have made their mark in popular culture. And there are couple's songs -my parent's was 'Only You' by The Platters.

In his talk A Closer Look to Popular Music, Lex de Azevedo says:

"In each of our minds, certain kinds of music are tied deeply to our own experiences and emotions. Our favorite music has an intensely personal meaning to us. Memories of our childhood, first date, first love, youth conferences, prom night, testimony meetings, marriage, and old friends may all be tied to a certain kind of music in one way or another. Thus, when someone attacks our music, we may feel that they are also attacking our deepest, most treasured experiences.
"Music also has great power on our emotions. Music has been called the universal language because it speaks directly to our emotions. And our emotions and feelings influence our actions.
"Many people who listen to popular music claim that they never listen to the lyrics and that the messages never affect them. Research, however, shows that our brains are marvelously perceptive; they pick up almost any message within sight or sound, whether we consciously know it or not. Those subconsciously received messages may have as much an effect on us as the messages we consciously seek out."
 So, tell us what kind of music has most influenced you.

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