13 July 2011

Helpful Reminders

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Through the years, we members of the LDS Church have received plenty of reminders about preparedness. There have been enough General Authorities, including prophets, giving us advice and reminding us of what's expected of us.

We'd like to share a few thoughts given by members of the Church in Joplin, Missouri, after the May tornado. Read the full account in the Newsroom.

"Our emergency plan, while there is a lot of detail to it, is quite simple: account, assess, report promptly,” said President Jones. “You need to account for your people. Everybody goes out to find out how the missionaries are, how the members are, and if everyone is accounted for. Then they assess. Who is missing? Who has injuries? Who is without a home? Who is without power? What are their physical situations, family needs, and so forth? And then you report promptly, communicating that information back through the priesthood line.”
"As members of the stake followed the emergency plan, they saw miracles happen every day. Bishop Chris Hoffman of the Joplin First Ward, one of two wards where members were deeply affected by the damage, reported that people in the ward told him about times they needed some particular kind of help, only to have a fellow ward member arrive with exactly what they needed when they needed it."

So, do you think that reminders work? Please share your thoughts with us.
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