11 July 2011

Personal Reflection

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Being able to sit back and think on something like a note, a list, a choice made or just a reflection in a mirror, it's great to be able to not only relate to it, but share our thoughts with others.

The following excerpt comes from the article A Reflection on Gratitude, by Michelle Van Tassell:
"One morning I was doing laundry when I caught a glance of myself in a mirror. The reflection surprised me. I had not showered or groomed for the day, and as I looked at myself, I thought I was lucky that anyone would want to wake up next to me every day. For the first time, I found myself feeling grateful to my husband for loving me. I examined myself with new eyes and thought about our marriage from his perspective. The revelation that followed had little to do with bad hair and no makeup but much to do with my behavior. I considered all the contention I had introduced into our home. For the first time, I felt real gratitude for my husband—he had continued to love me even though I had been critical and ungrateful. 
"That simple moment changed my perspective as well as my relationship with my husband. Now, years later, we share the intimacies I once coveted in other marriages. My husband and I still retain our different backgrounds and our own preferences and mannerisms, but I stopped dwelling on issues I couldn’t change. The peace of the Spirit has returned to our home, and I am grateful for the witness I received to marry my husband."
What kind of reflection do we see in the mirror? Do we like what we see, or hate it?  Do we agree with what we see of ourselves?

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