22 August 2011

Special Moments

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We can relate to the stories we're portraying in the newsletter today simply because I'm pretty sure we've all been able to share the gospel with somebody, or hope that our children would remember the teachings we've imparted to them, or at some time or another had a misunderstanding with a friend.

I'd like to share my own special moment today. Even though my temple wedding was the most special day of my life, and the birth of my son was the second one on my list, the third spot is taken by the time we went to the temple to have our baby girl sealed to our family.

Our daughter had to come to our family a different way, so when she was six months old and the adoption was final, we went to the Salt Lake temple where my husband and I had been sealed years earlier. Our son was eight, and our bishop gave him a temple recommend, so he could be there with us, even though he didn't need to, since he'd been born in the covenant.

It was so wonderful and beautiful to have our family complete at last. We were waiting for our children in the sealing room accompanied by family and friends. Then the temple workers brought our children to us, dressed in white. Our baby girl was peacefully asleep.

If you're like us and had to wait a long time to get your children, then being at the temple dressed in white with your children's hands over yours is the most heavenly feeling you can possibly have.

If you have a special moment and would like to share it with us, please do.

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