24 August 2011


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Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.
~ D. Elton Trueblood

We have been told by our leaders to trust in the Lord. How do we do that? We have learned to trust people close to us, people we know. To trust in the Lord takes a great leap of faith. Are we ready to make that giant step?

We'd like to share a story told by President Marion G. Romney in his talk Trust in the Lord, Ensign, Nov. 1977:
"President Heber J. Grant tells of a different type of reward that comes from trusting in the Lord. When he was a young man, he heard his bishop in a fast meeting, which was then held on Thursdays (in the early days, we held our fast meetings on Thursdays), make a strong appeal for donations. At that time President Grant had $50 in his pocket which he intended to deposit in the bank. But he was so impressed by his bishop’s appeal that he tendered the whole $50 to the bishop. The bishop took $5 and handed him back $45, stating that $5 was his full share. Then President Grant replied, 'Bishop Wooley, by what right do you rob me of putting the Lord in my debt? Didn’t you preach here today that the Lord rewards fourfold? My mother is a widow and she needs two hundred dollars.'
"'My boy,' queried the bishop, 'do you believe that if I take this other forty-five dollars you will get your two hundred dollars quicker?'
“Certainly, replied President Grant.
"Now here was an expression of trust in the Lord which the bishop could not withstand. He took the remaining $45.
"President Grant testified that on his way back to work, 'an idea popped' into his head, acting upon which he made $218.50. Speaking on this incident years later, he said, “Someone will say that it would have happened anyway.
“I do not think it would have happened. I do not think I would have got the idea.
“I am a firm believer that the Lord opens up the windows of heaven when we do our duty financially and pours out blessings upon us of a spiritual nature, which are of far greater value than temporal things. But I believe He also gives us blessings of a temporal nature.” (Improvement Era 42:457.)"
Absolute faith will open up the windows of Heaven. Can we take the leap?

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