29 August 2011

There's Sunshine in My Soul

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Enjoy more fully the sunlight.
President Gordon B. Hinckley

Coming from a Prophet, the following excerpt will help us be more positive about the things that are important. President Hinckley has said in his Words of a Prophet: The Spirit of Optimism:
"There never was a greater time in the history of the world to live upon the earth than this. How grateful every one of us ought to feel for being alive in this wonderful time with all the marvelous blessings we have. … And on top of all that is the Restoration of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with all of the keys and authority, with all the gifts and blessings, with all the organization and doctrine of all previous dispensations all brought into one. And you and I are partakers of that marvelous restoration (from Church News, Aug. 14, 1999, 7)."
So tell us are you a half-empty or half-full glass kind of person?

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