12 September 2011

Balance Through Service

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President Thomas S. Monson repeats what the Savior said—that in order to find purpose in life, lose yourself in the service of others.

President Monson further teaches this doctrine by telling how individuals in one group found purpose in their lives by serving their neighbors.

In a letter President Monson received, Sister Mori Farmer explained that her family had experienced difficult financial times. One week, the Farmers attended a family reunion, and when they returned they found a letter taped to the garage door. The note read:

“We hope you had a great family reunion. While you were gone, we and about 50 of our friends had a great party at your house. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the years of unselfish service you both have given to us. You have been Christlike examples of untiring service to others. We can never repay you for that—but just thought we’d like to say thanks. Signed, your home teachers.”

The Farmer family was shocked as they entered their house.

“Our home teachers had decided that they would fix our carpet while we were away. They had moved the furniture out into the front yard so the carpet could get stretched and finished. One man in the ward stopped and asked what was going on. He returned later with several hundred dollars’ worth of paint and said, ‘We might as well paint the house while everything is out.’ Others saw the cars out front and stopped to see what was going on, and by week’s end 50 people were busy repairing, painting, cleaning, and sewing.

“Our friends and fellow ward members had fixed our poorly laid carpet, painted the entire house, repaired holes in the drywall, oiled and varnished our kitchen cabinets, put curtains on three windows in the kitchen and family room, did all the laundry, cleaned every room in the house, had the carpets cleaned, fixed broken door latches, and on and on. … All of this had been accomplished between Wednesday and our return on Sunday.”

Those who served the Farmer family said they felt spiritually uplifted and humbled as they demonstrated the pure love of Christ by serving those who had unselfishly served others for years.

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  1. Praise God that He still shows us mercy and works through people to help our spiritual life. "Ask and it will be given", God will never betray us and He will NEVER foget His faithful servents. Search for God with all your heart and He will bless you greatly. Yes, we will have to go through many trails in our Christian life, but if we remain faithful to our Savior, our Creator, our Healer, our Friend, He will reward us in the end. Stay faithful, my friends, and God will work miracles in our lives.


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