30 August 2010

Personal Touch

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In our Personal Touch with Rebecca Cressman segment, she interviews Trent Howell. He and his family believe that every family should spend more time together playing games. Like most families, Trent and his wife try to find balance among all the activities pulling family members in different directions. By making it a priority to sit down and play games together, they're able to reconnect with one another in a fun way that strengthens everyone involved. And to encourage other families around the world to enjoy the benefits of spending more face-to-face time with their families, they created The Board Game Family, where they review card and board games. But unlike other reviewers, the reviews come mostly from the children. It's the kids that describe in the video reviews why they like to play the game. So check out
http://www.theboardgamefamily.com/ to see what games might be good for your family's game table.

Have you ever read the scriptures looking for more than solace or an answer to a spiritual question? How about enjoying them, as part of a ‘feast’ to the soul? Annette Lyon brings to us “Feasting on the Word,” and she mentions the feast that Aslan (from the C.S. Lewis books) had prepared for his friends, which is reminiscent of the feast the Lord has promised all of us. She says: “In the scriptures, we have a glorious feast provided for us. Do we see and taste little more than damp hay and turnips?” I think we should see the scriptures as something more than just a guide for our lives. They’re an invitation to something better: a feast fit for kings and queens. Let’s enjoy them as such. Annette blogs at ‘Out of the Best Books,’ and her latest book Band of Sisters is out in bookstores now.

If we believe what we read in the scriptures, and have a good relationship with Heavenly Father, we’ll have a testimony that prayers are answered. C. S. Bezas, from ‘Bella Online,’ wrote her article “Find Rest in the Word of God.” She tells us the following: “…when we truly seek Him we grow in confidence--absolute awareness--that the Lord hears us.” She mentions the words in the book of Alma (Book of Mormon) where the word of God is likened to a seed, and how we should let it grow and allow it to influence our lives. Since we mentioned feasts before, remember what Jesus said: "...he that cometh to me shall never hunger..."John 6:35). Let’s have the desire to go to Him of our own free will and choice.

Just before summer is completely gone, how about making a delicious slushy with the fruits available out there? From ‘CraziBeautifulWomen,’ we have contributor’s Laura “Strawberry Watermelon Slush.” All you need is some seedless watermelon, fresh strawberries, sugar, lemon, and ice. Make it for your next family night or get together.

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