29 October 2010

In the Spirit of Halloween

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

Aren’t basements a bit creepy? Especially those that you have to go outside before you go into the basement, even though I think those are called cellars. Well, Cindy Beck has written a story called “The Bodies in the Basement.” Indulge in the Halloween spirit with this spooky tale, while you sit in bed or a comfy chair, sipping a cup of hot cocoa. As the mystery unravels, you’ll be drawn into the twisted yarn that only a master can think up. Cindy blogs at Write up My Alley, and her latest book is in stores now.

 At CraziBeautiful, their contributor Marissa sent this recipe: “Shipwreck Cake,” which happens to be a family recipe. Check it out, it’s really simple. The pictures are great and the instructions easy to follow. You can make it for a family night refreshment, as part of a sick neighbor’s service or for a ward activity.

 From Family Home Evening, we found their “Service Auction FHE.” This service activity is best done with a large group of people, so you can do it with extended family, get friends and neighbors together, or your church group.

As usual, on Fridays Positive Music and Downloads offers Free Download Friday. To enjoy this week's download, please click here.

Have a great time this weekend, we hope you enjoy the Halloween weekend and get (or give) plenty of candy. Please send us a few words in the comments section; we'll love to hear from you.

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