01 November 2010

Personal Touch

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In our Personal Touch with Rebecca Cressman segment, she interviews John Waterbury, who was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and raised in Illinois. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Utah and a National Certified Counselor who has co-authored, with Lowell K. Oswald, a new book called Becometh as a Child: A Guide to Healing Emotionally, Growing Spiritually and Experiencing a Change of Heart. As a therapist, John has worked closely with child abuse victims and specializes in depression and anxiety disorders. He was nominated for the Marty Mann Award for a series of radio vignettes on alcoholism and wrote a popular weekly newspaper column that was widely read in the states of Kentucky, Texas, Utah, and Tennessee. John and his wife, Melinda, have been married for thirty-seven years. They have four children and eleven grandchildren. Here’s a link to his website: http://www.becomethasachild.com/authors/

 Our dear friend and contributor Rachelle Christensen sent this article to us, entitled “Protecting Kids.” When her daughter came home and mentioned a classmate whose father was in jail because he had touched ‘her privates,’ a light went on inside her and she thought “After swallowing hard, I knew that I had to act on this opportunity to explain to my two daughters so that they could be safe.” Rachelle blogs at Rachelle’s Writing Spot.

At LDS Blogs, contributor Cindy B sent her article called “Where Is Safety?” She’s concerned about all the distractions that are a concern in our world today, and she asks: “Where is safety for my children? For my family? For me?” We as parents are concerned, and worried, we look around for a place of safety. Sometimes I see myself holding my children around me, and I can clearly see the great and spacious building close by. I don’t want to fall prey of its enticements, and don’t want my children to do that either. It’s a great relief to know and see with greater clarity that the iron rod is there, strong and immovable. I know that I can hold on to it and be saved.

Craft, anyone? This article comes from contributor Lanie at Scene of the Grime (cute name), and she calls it “Six Rules for an Easy(er) Life.” In reality, it is more than just directions to make a craft, she’s telling us how she feels and how she wants to simplify her life and put into effect her philosophy and strategies focusing on one thing: a simpler life.

To view a copy of the Neighborhood News for Monday, 1 November, please click here.

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