03 November 2010

Heavenly Insights

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

 If you are not the organizing kind, leave it to the experts to bring organization up front. Marie Ricks is a great organizer, and she’s already thinking on how she’s going to get things going in 2011. Read her expert report on this area, take notes and try to follow her lead. Marie blogs at House of Order. She’s also a nationally recognized author, TV/radio guest, and motivational speaker.

S. Faux, from Mormon Insights talks to us about “If We Could Gaze into Heaven.” He asks “Will we find that we have MUCH to learn about the nature of heaven? Simply, yes.” In his opinion, we should die with an ‘open mind,’ so when we get on the other side of the veil we won’t be slowed down by preconceptions, and will be able to learn faster.

 At Real Mom Kitchen, contributor Laura Powell posted her “Pumpkin Nutella Swirl Bread or Muffins.” She’s into pumpkins this week, as she tells us: “It’s pumpkin week, and that means that all this week on Real Mom Kitchen I will be sharing some yummy recipes that include that quintessential fall ingredient, pumpkin!”

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